Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sharing is Caring... right?

By Cassie Glubzinski

I have a kid in kindergarten.
[deep breath]
My daughter is already in kindergarten...
[breathe again]
Seriously, where did the time go?

She came home from school the other day and was so very excited. She held out for my inspection her first check out from the school library.

Very. Big. Deal.

Smiling from ear to ear she showed me, with no small amount of pride, the book that she wanted me to read to her when we got inside.

Now, I had to cock my head to the side and ask her sweetly, "Honeybee, we have this book at home already. Was there a reason you wanted to check it out from the library?"

"Yeah, Mommy. I don't like sharing it with sister, so I got my own book to borrow."

Well, that in and of itself was funny, except for the fact that the book is called "Llama Llama, Time To Share".

Sorry, Llama, but your message has not been received by my five year old.

But even as I was thinking of this I was also reminded of how I hoard things I think are mine. That's my car. That's my book. That's my computer. That's my kitchen. That's my house. That's my church. That's my...fill in the blank. And then I began to contemplate the heavenly perspective God would want me to adopt...

That's God's house, and He's letting me live in it.
That's God's kitchen, and He's letting me cook in it.
That's God's car, and He's letting me drive it.
That's God's computer, and He's letting me use it.
That's God's book, and He's letting me read it.
That's God's church, and He's calling me to serve in it.

A heavenly perspective leaves no room for selfishness, and trying to communicate that concept to kids is difficult. But it's not impossible. It is simply a process. And God granted me an amazing opportunity to cultivate a heavenly perspective in my children's little minds.

You see, just like Gemma got to borrow a book from the library, one she would return the next week, we get to borrow things from God. It's our responsibility to take good care of them, and when He needs them for a different purpose, we need to return them gratefully.

Mitch Albom wrote in his famous book, "Have a Little Faith" about how when we are born our hands are in fists. We hold tight to anything and everything we can. But when we die our hands are open, because we realize nothing in this world was ever meant to be held onto so tightly. Our souls were meant for worship in Heaven someday, and all we need is to let go.

Sharing is caring, indeed. I am praying this week that God will show me when He wants to be share, even when it will be uncomfortable.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Diapers and Pull Ups and Panties... Oh my!

So... It's officially one of the least favorite times for any momma at my house.
Brace yourself...

Potty. Training.

I hate it. The constant wonder of whether an accident is lurking, or if I am going to be able to make it to the grocery bathroom before a clean up is needed on aisle four, and every other part.

I try really hard to get my kiddo excited about the prospect of being a "big girl" and wearing "big girl panties". As such, I took my little one shopping at Burlington Coat Factory (because it's awesomely inexpensive) and I walked her right up to the toddler and little girl panty display. I quickly grab every package that is her size (all three of them) and kneel in front of her. And I'm excited, because she looks excited, and usually that's a good sign, right? That means she's processing the fact that she is close, so very close, to closing the pull up and diaper chapter of her life for good!

So, kneeling in front of my curly haired cutie I ask her which one she likes best. And then, with bated breath, I wait to see how she will respond. Her little face scrunched up, and her eyes turned more pensive. After a few brief moments she told me, "Mommy, I'm poopy-yucky."

Well, that went well.

My kid officially pooped in her pull up while shopping with me for big girl panties.

Best. Mom. Ever.

And after she told me I did what any sane mother of a two and a half year old would do. I cracked up. I'm talking full blown belly laugh right in the middle of Burlington Coat Factory.


I also bought all three packages of panties for her since I figured she would probably need the back ups.

This hasn't been the easiest summer for our family, but I had been praying that God would give me the courage and freedom to let go. And for me, laughing is a way of letting go.

So today, if you haven't already, ask God for the opportunity to let go a bit. I'm praying He will bring you something hilarious to share with all of us when we meet later this month!