Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Derwood MOPS and Covid-19

Because COVID-19 has impacted and changed almost all aspects our lives right now, we expect our MOPS year (at least the beginning) to be impacted as well.  But, coronavirus or not, we all still need Jesus, our community, and other mamas who are walking through this stage of life with us.

Our Steering Team is planning and preparing for a unique MOPS program next year.  While the restrictions and requirements for social gatherings in the fall remain unknown, we plan on starting in September with whatever meeting form that the county, state, and CDC guidelines allow – whether that be large group, small groups, and/or virtual meetings.  Staying connected and relying on Jesus is crucial at all times, and more so, during a pandemic, and Derwood MOPS strives to be a place for that to happen.

Due to the unique circumstances surrounding our meetings in the fall, we are changing registration a bit this year.  To be officially registered for Derwood MOPS, please register at MOPS International and pay the $32 non-refundable fee.  Once we know exactly what meetings will look like in the fall, we will reach out with information about childcare and additional chapter fees.  If finances are an issue, please reach out to us at derwoodmops@gmail.com and let us know – we’re happy to work with you!

Over the summer, we plan on offering virtual and small group opportunities to meet other mamas of MOPS and start building and reestablishing the community that MOPS, and particularly Derwood MOPS, is known for.  If you have any questions about summer events, or are interested in being part of this amazing community, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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