Thursday, July 2, 2009

Meet the Team: Trisha

Trisha Pull - Mom Care & Events
I am a woman with a crazy streak. Lately that crazy streak has been directed at free and cheap stuff. A most recent shenanigan has been dressing up like a cow for free food at Chick-Fil-A. Ocassionally, I talk my less-crazy husband, Joe, into doing these things with me. He usually regrets agreeing to my antics about five minutes into the activity (you know, about the time I start arguing with the store owner, while dressed in full cow attire (including cow nose, ears, and tail), in the middle of the store, as to whether or not my homemade cow costume qualifies me for the free food). He also forbade me to post the very silly and somewhat embarrassing Chick-Fil-A picture as a part of my biography. I promise you the other picture was WAY more fun!
I look forward to the day when my three girls, Alexandra (Xandra) - 3 years, Aletheia (Theia) - 18 months, and Aliyah (Liyah) - 6 months, will join me in my crazed adventures!

Aside from free stuff, I also love cooking, sewing, running, reading, and playing games with my husband.
I read a quotation once about mothering, "Being a mother is the toughest job you'll ever love." I think that person was right. I LOVE mothering more than anything I've ever done, but it wears me out, tries my patience, requires far more cleaning and laundry than should ever be necessary, and makes me sure I've lost my mind. Still, when my eldest proclaims out of the blue, "I love you, mommy," I know I wouldn't trade my job for anything.

What is something you do as a parent now that you always said you would never do?

Stack my small, scared children on bookshelves and take pictures of them as a part of some strange family tradition. I think it's fun now!


  1. Hi! Just moved into the area and saw your MOPS blog - I was a member at another chapter previously. I was wondering if I could join you on Thursday night or if I should wait for the fall "semester" to start.

  2. Absolutely you may come! We would love to meet you. You can email us at and let us know your name if you would like so we can be looking for you. Or we can just keep an eye out for you and find you there. We hope you make it!