Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ice your Cake and Eat it too

We had a great time at our Oct. 14th meeting! Ruth Rosburough generously shared her cake decorating experience and recipes with us. She gave us great tips on how to perfectly ice a cake and showed us how to make roses, leaves, baby booties, clowns and shells. As a grand finale, we all got a piece of that yummy cake with Butter Almond frosting! Yum!

Each mom got her own decorating tip and a bag of icing to put our new skills to the test. Our kids are going to have the most beautiful cakes this next year!

Lindsay, Jen, and Trisha practicing shells and writing.

Anna worked very intently.

Rachel, Anna, Susan, and Leah are total experts now.

Alicia's shells look pretty perfect.

Deborah and Julie knew this was serious business.

Allison working on her shell border as well.

Hillary working on her shells despite that tempting piece of cake right in front of her.

Tammy, Karen's arm and Courtney working very hard.

What a fun time of fellowship we had! Thanks, Ruth.

To see a copy of the resources and recipes from the meeting, click here.

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  1. How fun to see pictures posted already! I was clueless that my picture was being taken . . . I'm sure many of you were, too!