Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Pandemonium

Butler's Orchard was the site for the MOPS October Playdate. After many days of rain, we were blessed with great temperatures and sunshine with which to explore pumpkin patches, participate in hayrides, nibble apples, and play with friends.

Jake S. enjoys his apple while Christy D., Emily, and Caleb sit nearby.

Madeline G., Jillian H., Ava L. & Andrew L. explore.

Much of the crew from left to right: Christine S with Kaylee and Matthew, Tammy C. with Hannah, Leah M. with Jaylyn and Jack, and Susan G. with Dominic.

Naomi & Lauren sporting their pumpkin stickers.

The rest of the crew on a hayride. From left to right:
Lauren H. with Jillian and Faith, Courtney C. with Cayden, Sara A. with Mariella, Sylvia B. with Dominic, and Naomi G. with Madeline

Lauren H. with her girls Jillian (left) and Faith.

Naomi G. with Madelin and Anna S. with Emmie.

Our next playdate is December 2nd at Tammy C.'s place at 9:30AM. Check out of Events page for more information or click here (coming soon).

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