Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dipping + Chocolate = Delicious Fun

In October the MOPS moms met at The Melting Pot for our first Mom's Night Out. A quiet and calm ambiance, other moms with which to chat, and AMAZING chocolate fodue, which they set on fire at one point (very cool), made for a great evening.

From left to right: Karen V., Sylvia B., Karen H., Christine S., Teri H., and Courtney C. anxiously await the arrival of their fondue.

Silvia B. & Karen H. ready to dig into their fondue.

Christine S. and Teri H. pose for a quick picture.

Christine L. & Karen V. catch up over chocolately goodness.

Deborah C. & Trisha P. chat about life in the Domincan Republic.

Wilma C. & Donna P. get acquainted.

Above picture: before

Below picture: after

Jenn T., Julie L., & Naomi G. get in on the chocolately goodness.

Naomi G. & Hillary L. relaxing.

The next MOPS sponsored Mom's Night Out will be Friday, November 20. Please plan to join us for another great night. For more information, clicke here.

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