Friday, March 4, 2011

A Giveaway: Chaos

With four kids under foot at our house, needing something from the moment they awake to the moment they sleep, life can be chaotic. It's not just our house, either.  The friends I talk to, with any number of kids of any age, report chaos in their home on a regular basis.

When I stumbled upon this article this week I could really relate.  I hope you will, too.

Click on over to incourage, read the artilce, and come back and leave a comment answering these questions:

What’s chaotic in your life right now? How are you able to dealing with it?

Everyone who leaves a comment before Tuesday, March 8 at 10PM, will be entered to win a prize at our next meeting.  Winners will be chosen at random and announced at the March 9 meeting.  Must be present at the meeting to win.

Good Luck!


  1. I have five children so everything in my life is chaotic! My husband helps me deal with it by taking the youngest ones and playing with them when he gets home so I can have some peace while making dinner and he often encourages me to go out for a bit after dinner for some time alone. I find this helps a lot! When things get really bad, then I realize it's because I have too much on my plate (which happens a lot because I want to help everyone!)and it's time to drop something that is not that important, because my husband (who I thought I would never meet) and the children I was told I would probably never have, are what's really important.

  2. We're in the process of changing over some rooms right now (moving my 2 year old to a big boy bed and moving the crib to my 3 month old's room, and then shuffling around furniture in both rooms, changing over closets, etc.), so life is chaos as we're slowly moving stuff around! There's a lot of what I call "organized mess" around the house as we switch the rooms. I'm able to deal with it by constantly reminding myself that this is just temporary and there will be order again someday! I also have been keeping a log of "progress" that we're making so that when I'm feeling frustrated that this project is neverending, I can look at my list and see that we are getting somewhere!

  3. Chaotic...hmmm...probably all the stuff I've left undone in recent weeks (cleaning, laundry, organizing, gardening - gotta get ready for spring planting! - and fulfilling committments I've made. The chaos is just bubbling below the surface, surely ready to erupt. I'm dealing with it in blissful pretend-it's-not-there-ness!

  4. What's chaotic in my life right schedule. At times it feels a bit overwhelming--I started a new part-time job in January and have worked every weekend but one since starting. This, in turn, leaves my house chaotic (messy) and it takes me about 2 days to recover it! I know that there are other people/families with much tougher circumstances, so I'm not complaining, I'm just learning to try and a balance. How am I dealing with it...first of all, I thanked God this week that years back I went to college for Nursing, which is SO wonderfully flexible for a mom who doesn't want to be away from her kids all the time and doesn't want to bring work home at the end of the day. Secondly, I'm just learning to be a better time manager throughout my days at home with the boys, and yes...that means less emailing and less Facebook!
    Kristin Cooper

  5. I'd like to respond but things are little chaotic right now. :)

  6. I could so relate with this post! My chaos lately is not my commute from Germantown to Rockville to take my son to school, but the commute home. My oldest son is exhausted from a long day at school and his little brother has missed him so much and wants to talk to him. It is inevitable that my oldest son asks him to be quiet and the youngest keeps talking(saying the same thing over and over). The oldest starts whining...sometimes crying telling me his head hurts and his brother won't be quiet. I turn music on...they both want a different song. I hear I am hungry, I am thirsty, and my favorite, "I have to go peeeeeee!" This is when I take a deep breath and ask the Lord to give me the strength to respond in love...and if I remember to ask Him...HE gives me creative ways to make light of the situation. Isn't God good?

  7. There was some chaos at my house recently when my husband went on a buisness trip. He goes on a couple trips each year and it's usually chaotic here at home with only me to "hold down the fort". This time I tried to prepare myself ahead of time for his absence. I also tried to limit my expectations of how much I can handle all on my own and how much I would be able to talk to him while he was gone. It was still a little crazy, and our routine was out the window, but it gets a little easier each time.