Friday, March 30, 2012

MOPS Cookbook

Our next meeting will be about cooking.  Some moms love it and some moms hate it.  But, we can all appreciate a good source of tested and approved recipes.  But, we need your help.  We need you to submit your favorite recipes.  It is so easy to do too!  Just fill in the form below, click submit and you are done.  How easy is that?  You will get 5 points for each recipe you submit.  So, if your table is lagging behind in the points department, here is an easy way to catch up.  And each time you enter a recipe you will be entered to win a free meal that will be given out at our April 25th meeting.  How awesome is that?  You won't have to cook that night!  We need your recipes by April 11th so that Maureen has a chance to put the cookbook together.  She's awesome you know.  But, she can't put it all together over night.  (Actually, she probably could.  And she would probably have time to sew an adorable cookbook cover for her cookbook as well.)  But, we aren't going to do that to her.  So, on your mark... get set...  start submitting!!!

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