Thursday, August 1, 2013

Kari - Mom Care

Name: Kari Allen
Husband: Michael
Kids: Isaac (4), Elise (3), Levi (1), & baby (due Jan. 2015)

My husband is a full-time USUHS DNP (Doctorate of Nurse Practitioner) student at Bethesda Naval and I am a full-time mommy. Mike and I have been married nine years, almost four of which we have spend in the USAF. We were previously stationed in San Antonio, TX where we will move back to in April 2015.

As a military wife you move quite often and last year we moved to the DC area where we knew hardly anyone. Within a month of finding our home and moving in we had a baby (Levi) and Mike started his rigorous DNP program. Needless to say we went through much transition. Yet, the ladies at the DBC MOPS group heard about our situation and embraced dour need. They rallied together and brought us many much appreciated/needed meals. I will never forget how these ladies reached out to us and helped ease our transition.

This year I have the privilege of helping with Mom Care. Ironically, one of the Mom Care responsibilities is organizing meals for moms in need :). I am so excited to be able to help facilitate care for our moms and my hope is to help moms connect with other moms through group mom's night out, play dates, and meals. It will be my first year on a MOPS steering team, but I'm looking forward to a great year! I am so thankful for MOPS as an organization and especially the ladies in the DBC group.

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