Thursday, August 1, 2013


Name: Sarah Cates
Husband: Chris
Kids: Brooklyn (2), Indiana (9 months)

This is my third year in MOPS and my second year on the Steering Team! I joined MOPS as soon as I could after having my daughter to find the community and support I so wanted from other moms. As an "early bloomer" in this area (I had Brooklyn when I was 23), I was desperate to meet other moms and build relationships with them. The vast majority of my established friends were (and are) still years away from thinking about having kids! I'm so happy to have landed at Derwood and even more excited to be on the Steering Team for another year. My professional background is in public relations for non-profits, and I work from home about 40 hours a month with a San Diego based non-profit called Soldiers Who Salsa that helps members of our military recover from PTS/PTSD, TBI (traumatic brain injury) and limb loss by teaching them salsa dancing. I'm the one who will be e-mailing you all year long, and please don't be shy of reaching out to me with any questions you have as the year goes on!

When I'm not working on MOPS newsletters or fundraising for Soldiers, I like to park myself in front of the TV and watch Top Chef or The Big Bang Theory, read teen and juvenile fiction (I've read several of the Harry Potter books more than 20 times), and go to CrossFit! I also love to cook, and am constantly trying out and tweaking paleo recipes for my little grain-free, processed-food-free family.

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