Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Vanessa - Discussion Group Leaders

Name: Vanessa Chacon
Husband: Justin
Kids: Ivana (6), Derek (3)

I was born in Costa Rica but at the age of 22 years old I came to the United States of America to finish my undergrad and graduate thanks to earning different kinds of scholarships.  I am married now to an outstanding man from Montana which means I will be in this country for longer time than I initially anticipated. After many struggles to conceive, God gave us the gift of two wonderful children Ivana who is 6 and Derek who is 3.  To our surprise but somehow to our knowledge of high risk, Derek was born with Down Syndrome. At first this seemed to be almost unexplainable considering that our Heavenly Father does everything "perfect"; but quickly we realized that yes indeed, He does.  In these 3 years of having the blessing to enjoy Derek's presence in our family God has shown us what pure and unconditional love is all about. He has revealed Himself to all of us by giving us hope, faith and unconditional love for others in order to continue the journey He
has set for us as individuals and as a family. 

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