Sunday, November 3, 2013


Name: Meaghan Trout
Husband: Eric
Kids: Alyson (5), Nathan (2), Lucy (3 months)

Hi!  My name is Meaghan Trout.  My husband, Eric, and I met at Penn State and moved down here for his job with the federal government.  We said we would move back to Pennsylvania after a few years and here we are, 13 years later!  We lived in Rockville at first and have slowly crept north to where we live now, in Damascus.  We have three beautiful children, Alyson, age 5 and Nathan, age 2 and Lucy, age 3 months.  I was an elementary school teacher and came home the day I had Alyson.  It was very lonely at first, so when I found Derwood MOPS, I was so thankful!  The first meeting I went to, a mom talked about an experience from her life and I related to her immediately...I knew I was in the right place!  This year I will be serving in the Registration role.  I tend to be a very organized, Type A personality, so you can see why I fit in that position so well. ;)  I feel very blessed to be a part of MOPS and to have met all the moms who have become my friends throughout the years.

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