Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Special Valentine's Day Giveaway!

Valentine's Day is's a chance to win a date night!

We are giving away 2 tickets to a chamber music concert on Saturday, March 15th, at 8pm in Rockville.  The program is music for two pianos, including pieces by Bach, Beethoven, and Ravel.  Information about the concert and the entire series can be found here, at Musical Arts International's website.

To enter, please leave a comment by 8pm Tuesday (2/11) with the best Valentine's Day gift you've given your spouse.  We'll share some of the top answers and the winner next Wednesday at MOPS!

Good luck!

Joan & Meaghan


  1. My husband and I usually just cook dinner for eachother or go out to eat at a fancy restaurant. This year we are doing something a little different. We each have a "project" list a mile long of things that we want to do or get done around the house. This year we have decided to swap lists and complete a few projects on each of our lists. May sound boring to some but the little things on our lists can mean the biggest things in our hearts!

  2. A heart shaped pizza! (We're not big on gifts!)

  3. My most memorable Valentine's Day with my husband was the year we were engaged to get married. Brad prepared an elaborate meal for the two of us with the help of his room-mates. He made steak,home-made mashed potatoes (with lots of butter, sour cream and cheese mixed in), asparagus, and fruit salad. He also decorated his family room with twinkly Christmas lights, created a CD of our favorite love songs, had a dozen red roses, along with a gift certificate for a massage for me. I gave Brad a cookie cake that said "Yes" to commemorate our recent engagement and a "box of my dreams" for our future together. It included letters written to my future husband years before I even met Brad. This year, 10 years later, we decided to give one another practical gifts for Valentine's. It's not nearly as romantic, but we are still making memories together and are super excited about the two new wool rugs in our house! :-)

  4. Since havi.g kids we now celebrate valentines at home. We put the kids to bed early and have a fancy at home dinner. Maybe steak or chicken marsala. When we were dating my husband sent flowers to my classroom (i was a teacher) all my highschool students loved it.