Thursday, January 12, 2017

In Silent Awe of God

By: Emily March

I once knew a girl
Who stood by the sea,
And witnessed a great storm.
She was captivated by the mighty power that was portrayed.
The power of the angry sea.

I once knew a girl
Who walked along in the night.
As she looked to the heavens,
She was struck by the vastness of the sky;
For she could not count the number of the stars.

That same girl studied the sky.
On a cold night,
In a lonely place on the opposite side of the world.
She was comforted by the faithfulness of the stars;
For she recognized every one.

I once knew a girl
Who witnessed the setting sun over the African plains.
She was captured by the fullness of color
 displayed across the sky.

I once knew a girl
Who felt new life forming inside her.
And when her baby was born,
She was amazed at the perfection she saw
As she held her little once close.

That same girl was walking along with her child one day
When her child stopped
Stooped down
And peered at the most vibrant caterpillar she had ever seen.
The girl and her child were both astonished
At the variety of creatures this world holds.

 One day
This girl stopped
 and recounted the moments in time that caused her to pause…
the power of the angry sea
the vastness of the night sky
the faithfulness of the stars
the colors of the sunset
the perfection of a new life
and the variety of creatures in this world

Then she sang praises to her Creator
For she knew that His creation
Is a reflection of Him.

He is more powerful than an angry sea,
Larger than the night sky,
More faithful that the stars above,
And more beautiful than a sunset.
His perfection creates new life,
And His creativity is displayed in every living thing.

And then
This girl knelt
In Silent Awe
Of God.

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