Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Girl Needs Help

By Cassie Glubzinski

So my youngest has been sick this week.



She's been miserable and downright lethargic. Poor thing hasn't even really had much of an appetite either (which is HIGHLY unusual for her).

This morning I took her to the ER because she had been complaining that her tummy hurt while writhing in pain quite a bit yesterday and last night. Broke my heart.

After seeing the doc, getting some meds, and eating two grape popsicles we were on our way back home with strict instructions to quarantine her, disinfect everything, and call if anything changed for the worst.

As we gathered up our belongings to leave I set Evolet down on the hospital bed in order to pack everything away. She insisted on keeping her water cup and her snuggle blanket in her arms, and she had a death grip on her little cup of Cheerios. Her small arms weren't quite able to wrap around all of her treasures. She looked at me with the sweetest little expression and quietly stated, "Mommy, the girl needs help."

I kind of froze for a moment. Those five little words were so powerful to me in that situation. All night last night I was up with this little cutie trying to comfort her while praying we could both get some sleep, I kept thinking about my to do list. I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon, we have a dear friend coming to town tomorrow and staying the night, my five year old has sports camp this week that's twenty minutes away (we are in the car quite a bit), we have a ceremony to attend on Friday, a concert Friday night, boating on Saturday as well as a surprise birthday party Saturday night. We have church on Sunday, and I have another meeting Sunday afternoon. And then the icing on the cake is that we are leaving for vacation on Monday, and I still need to pack.

This was what was running through my head all night last night. How was I going to make it all happen flawlessly? I'm the stay at home wife and mom, and it's my job, exclusively, to get all this done and taken care of [not to mention meals, the laundry, cleaning the house, and of course Mommy's Chauffeur Service].

But looking into this sweet little girl's eyes as she tried desperately to juggle her treasures I realized that even though she said she needed help, really I was the one who needed help.

This girl needs help.

I need help realizing it's NOT THE END OF THE WORLD when life doesn't go exactly as I think it should.

There is such beauty to be seen in the chaos. It's a colorful mosaic of life if we let it be.

God never intended for me to dwell on my to do list. I did that completely on my own, and I needed His help in that moment to simply be in the moment.

I needed to look at this time of comforting my little girl for what it was: the opportunity to snuggle my precious daughter, because she won't be that little to snuggle with for long. I needed to chuck the to do list because it was distracting me from my true job: being a godly wife and mother.

You can't make your faith a box you check. It's so much more than a task. It's an identity.

And if you are having trouble getting to that point pray the same prayer I did:
The girl needs help.

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