Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Minute for Moms - Focus on the Family

Hi Ladies!
I wanted to post this article (link below) from Focus on the Family that I read a few weeks ago.  I thought it was interesting as it relates to our first meeting topic on understanding our children's love languages.  This article helps explain children's personalities.  It is geared toward preschool age and up, but I think it's helpful to read even if your kids aren't at that age yet.

It always amazes me how different each one of my three children are- all from the same home and same parents!  I find this article particularly helpful as it has a section on how to understand the cause of and how to deal with personality clashes between parents and children.  As our kids grow it is helpful to remember that they are each God's unique creation, and supporting and encouraging their individuality is such an important role we have as their parent!

I hope you will find this a helpful article too!

Lindsey P.

Your Child's Personality

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