Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Mom's Night Out - Freezer Cooking

Please read the details of freezer cooking below, VERY carefully, before you sign up. We need you to do a few things at the end of this blog post - you have until midnight on Wednesday, October 10th to sign up. We hope LOTS of ladies will be able to join us for a fun and productive night!

What Is It?
A chance to get together with other moms for an evening of fun with the intention of filling our freezers with delicious, homemade meals for our families, thereby reducing the dinntertime-induced stress that is so common among moms of preschoolers.

Time, Date, & Place: 
Monday, October 22 at 7:30PM
Derwood Bible Church, Lower Level

Things to Consider Before Signing Up:
1). Sign up with 100% definite commitment to attending this MNO and paying for your meals
2).  Place your order - you may select up to 10 meals of any combination of recipes.
3). Give your top 3 preferences for prep work.  Courtney will do her best to match you to your top choice!

Meals (Click here to see recipes): 
Manicotti in Minutes (serves 5)
Chicken Parmesan (serves 4-6)
Chicken Tetrazzini (serves 4-6)
Chipotle Crusted Pork Tenderloin (serves 6)
Turkey Meatload with Feta & Sun-dried Tomatoes (serves 4-6)

Prep Work (when signing up please indicate your top 3 choices):
1). Cook and shred chicken (can do at home) **
2). Chop sundried tomatoes **
3). Dice red onion **
4). Slice chicken breast in half lengthwise **
5). Chop parsley **
6). Arrive early for set-up
7). Stay late to clean up
** If you are prepping an ingredient, you may arrange to pick it up from Courtney's house in Silver Spring over the weekend of Friday Oct 19-Sunday Oct 21. 

We will be working with 5 different recipes.  Once Courtney has everyone's order, she will do all the shopping for the ingredients and will be able to tally your final cost for your order.  Meals typically average out to $12/meal but the pork meal will probably be closer to $16.  Again, that's an estimation just to give you an idea of how much each will be - she won't have the final cost until after everyone submits their order.  Please remember that when you sign up you are committing to pay for your total order! Each mom will be expected to pay for the cost of her chosen meals in FULL on the night of freezer cooking.

Mom Responsibility:
Each mom participating is responsible for the following:
1. Choosing and entering meal preferences for your family (up to 10 total) on the blog form by midnight October 10th. Grocery lists are created from the meal sign ups, once you sign up for meals, you are committed to freezer cooking and your meal order cannot be changed.

2. Arriving ON TIME, the evening of freezer cooking and participating in meal prep for the ENTIRE evening (2-3 hours), regardless of number of meals your family will receive.

3. Full payment for selected meals on the evening of freezer cooking. 

A special thanks to Courtney Christensen (a freezer cooking guru) who is coordinating our October Mom's Night Out!! 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Courtney at thechristensens2005@hotmail.com

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