Thursday, August 1, 2013

Kristin - Creative Activities

Name: Kristin Cooper
Husband: Dave
Kids: Jacob (7), Levi (5)

This fall marks my seventh year as a MOPS mom! I have loved every year of MOPS -- being part of the group, and for the last five years, being part of the leadership team. When my oldest son was 10 months old, my husband and I moved from our hometown to this area. It was a very lonely time for me, and I didn't know a single person living here! I had never been to MOPS before, but I knew that a lot of my friends back home were part of a MOPS group. I decided to join a local group, and was overwhelmed with joy when I realized that all of the moms had the same thoughts, feelings and insecurities that I did as a mom. God has richly blessed my time, and forged many wonderful relationships for me with my fellow moms here! For my last year as a MOPS mom, I'm joining Nancy Kohut to help lead the Creative Activities. Stay tuned for some crafty fun that doesn't involve elbow macaroni, beads, or pipe cleaners!

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