Thursday, August 1, 2013

Table Leader

Name: Rebekah Machiela
Husband: Mitch
Kids: Simon (3), Lydia (1)

I have lived in the area for just over three years. Like many other families, we moved to the Rockville area for my husband's career. I currently work an average of about 10-15 hours per week as a social worker in a local hospital and in the community. The bit that I work makes me all the more excited for the days I get to be home and enjoy the precious moments with my growing kiddos! This is my fourth year at Derwood MOPS and my third year serving on the Steering Team. I am excited to get to know and serve moms in a more personal way this year as a Table Leader. What I love about MOPS is that it provides me an opportunity to connect with other women on a deeper level than just meeting random moms at a playground.

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